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As a mother, wife, and attorney, I have made it my life mission to help people like you protect their legacy and their future. My focus is especially on helping women once and for all secure their finances and gain clarity and peace of mind. 

I often say that while others talk about women’s empowerment, I DO women’s empowerment.

I’m an award-winning attorney (rising star Super Lawyer), a best selling author (see my books page for more info), a nationwide speaker about women and money, a courageous advocate, fearless cheerleader for my clients' success and most importantly, a role model for young women around the world. I speak at high school, college campuses, and corporations about what women and millennials can accomplish (everything).

My proudest achievement is my daughter Ariella. She made me truly understand the need for legacy planning and that is what I bring to each and every client I choose to work with.

I’m so honored that you are joining me on this journey to make this world a more wonderful place! 

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